International Open Queima das Fitas

22th April - 25th April 2016
Coimbra, Portugal

Again Coimbra receives an important chess tournament in the beautiful Hotel D. Luís. The Open, thanks to the public holiday, runs compactly allowing many players to enjoy a low-cost 7-round tournament. .


  1. 1. The International Open “Queima das Fitas” 2016 is part of the National Circuit of Classical Chess 2015/2016, and is organized by the Chess Section of the Academic Association of Coimbra, with the support of the Portuguese Chess Federation, of the Chess Association of Coimbra District and the Hotel D. Luís. .
  2. All chess players registered at the Portuguese Chess Federation may take part (first registration costs a maximum of €6,50; the organization may expedite the process for non-Portuguese players).
    The National Circuito of Classical Chess has its own regulations, available at the FPX webpage (
  3. The event takes place at the Hotel D. Luis, in Coimbra, Portugal.
  4. The participation fee, until 20 April 2016, is €25 (players born in 1996 and after: €20; GM and IM: free), to be paid before the 1st round.
  5. Inscription should be sent to the email, until 23h59m of Wednesday, 20 April 2016. .
  6. The event shall consist of seven rounds played in Swiss System; pairings program: “Swiss- Manager”.
    Accreditation : 30 April (Friday) from 19:30
    1st round: 30th April (Friday) 20:30.
    2nd round: 1st May (Saturday) 14:30.
    3rd round: 1st May (Saturday) 20:30.
    4th round: 2nd May (Sunday) 14:30.
    5th round: 2nd May (Sunday) 20:30.
    6th round: 3rd May (Monday) 9:30.
    7th round: 3rd May (Monday) 15:30.
    Prizes shall be delivered about 15 minutes after the end of the last game.
    Players not accredited until 20:00 shall not be paired in the first round.
  7. Prizes:
    Trophies for the first three players and the first three teams (4 players), and medals for Youth, Senior, and Women.
    Subsided (non-cummulative): €1850
    1st Prize 500 € ;
    2nd Prize 350 € ;
    3rd Prize 250 € ;
    4th Prize 200 € ;
    5th Prize 150 € ;
    6th Prize 100 € ;
    7th to 10th Prizes: 50 € ;.
    Players under 2000 FIDE ELO: €80
    Senior player (50+): €40
    Players under 18: €40, €25
    Players under 14: €40, €25
    Players under 10: 1st to 3rd: chess books
  8. The time control shall be 90 minutes for each players with an addition of 30 second per move. Players not arriving witin 30 minutes from the round start shall be deemed forfeit. No draws are allowed before move 30 without the arbitrers’ consent.
  9. Each player may request at most two byes of ½ point in the first four rounds, provided they are requested before the 1st round.
  10. Players with two forfeits shall be excluded.
  11. The tie-break criteria are those used by the FPX (artº 31 of the Competion Regulations of the FPX: direct encounter, Buchholz without worst result, Buchholz, progressive score, most victories.
  12. The events shall be FIDE rated.
    Tournament director: Dominic Cross
    Chief arbitrer: FA Paulo Rocha
  13. The participation implies the acceptance of this regulation, as well as the FIDE and FPX regulations, were appliable.
  14. Cases not covered under this regulation shall be decided by the organization, according the regulations of FPX and FIDE.
Please notice that this translation if merely informative: the regulations in Portuguese are official.

Hotel D. Luís (***) not only receives the tournament as provides high-quality affordable accommodation.

Packs (3 nights, entry 22 April leaving 25 April), including breakfast, parking place and wi-fi. Single room: € 113,30
Double room: € 134,10
Triple room:€ 175,20
Hotel D. Luís offers meals (lunch and dinner) for €18 for reservations until 18 April 2016.


Coimbra is one the oldest and most central cities in Portugal, equally accessible from Lisbon and Porto, with a good net of public transportation and highways. Internationally, Coimbra is just four hours from Salamanca and six from Madrid, and easily reached from the international airports of Porto (110km) – an important hub for low-cost companies - and Lisbon (220km), and with daily train connections to Spain (Salamanca, Burgos, Basque Country) and buses to Spain and the rest of Europe.
Location of the Hotel D.Luís, Coimbra, Portugal

GPS 40.189822,-8.431234


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